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Wholesale Partnerships


Nutraceutical Supplemental Income Opportunity Retail & Distribution Partnerships

*** NO Investment Necessary.

*** May Sell via Landing Page, Electronic Banner, Paper Add or Retail Inventory.

Natural Vitamins, Herbs, and Mineral Blend for All Anxiety Based Disorders:

  • Specialized for AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS (ADD, ADHD, OCD, Fragile X, Aspergers, etc) and PTS/PTSD.
  • Customized for Children & Adults
  • 80% Effective in Removing Anxiety in the Hippocampus Part of the Brain.
  • Assist in Social and Daily Living Skills: Focus, Retention, Comprehension, and Decrease.
  • No Negative Side Effects, Non-Addictive, No Cross Reaction to Alcohol (Liver or any Vital Organs).
  • Prepared in a FDA Approved Manufacturing Facility,


Nunzia Pharmaceutical’s  professional team is prepare to answer any questions you may have about Autism Fragile X Foundation, and its anxiety based disorders such as PTSD, AUTISM, ADD, ADHD, OCD/ODD, ASPERBERS and FRAGILE X, etc.

If you are an retailer or distributor interested in a wholesale partnership, please fill out the application completely and submit.

You may also email all of the required information to retail@nunziapharma.com or distributor@nunziapharma.com

For more information please contact:

Michael Mitsunaga (President):

  • (714) 609-9117
  • michaelm@nunziapharma.com
  • mtmitsunaga@gmail.com

Sales Department: sales@nunziapharma.com

Distributor Pricing with agreement:
  1. 1 Bottle to 10K Bottle order: $24.95 per bottle
  2. 10,001 Bottle to 50K order: $21.95 per bottle
  3. 50,001 Bottle to up order: $19.50 per bottle

Wholesale Retail or Distributor Application

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